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Bernie, Colin, Rachel, Alan, DJ and Art 




Dynamic and versatile with unmatched energy, The Waiters are considered one of the most talented groups in the Maine musical community. With over twenty years in musical service to hundreds of exciting performances at weddings, corporate events The Waiters will make your celebration truly memorable. Providing music from the beginning with a jazz trio for social hour to the full band dance party sets with a commitment to your itinerary The Waiters create an atmosphere that ensures your party is a successful event for you and all of your guests!


Our sense of responsibility begins with music, but ultimately we know that the success of the whole party falls squarely on our shoulders. To help families celebrate their most cherished moments we are able to lift up a room with music and play the right song at the right time for the generations in the audience. It is a skill that can only be developed with years of performances. Along with The Waiters' intangible vibe, it's our feel of "this is not a wedding band but a group of special musicians" that makes us unique in this market.




Bernie Bouthot – the hardworking and relentless group leader and electric guitarist

Colin Winsor –  a creative and spirited bassist on both upright and electric



Rachel Doe – as a talented versatile vocalist Rachel's passion for singing and performing is unmistakeable and she brings entertainment and enthusiasm every time.


DJ Moore –  a professional drummer with a groove as big as his heart


Art Melendy – a patient and committed musical educator, keyboardist and male lead vocalist  


Alan Bernardo – an east coast tenor sax veteran with an affable demeanor and unbridled energy


The Waiters in Portland, Maine |  (207) 228-3997 maine photographers

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